Top 3 Causes of Global Warming

From the beginning of time, the earth has alternated between global warming and cooling. There has been an increase between 1.2-1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the last century, and by the time this century ends, the EPA believes it could rise another 7 degrees. This climb in temperature is the result of rising greenhouse gases, changes in land usage, volcanic activity, and radiation from the sun. Although, there are many causes of global warming, but this article will talk about the top 3 causes of global warming.



Top causes of global warming-fossil fuel use

The number one cause of greenhouse gases, the burning of fossil fuels ramped up with the industrial revolution, and has been on the increase ever since. As humans become more and more reliant upon unclean energy sources, productivity increases and the environment suffers. Homes and businesses use electricity twenty-four hours a day.  As this demand increases, the use of fossil fuels has been increased a lot. This causes missions of greenhouse gas. The causes of global warming have great negative impacts on the environment.


Our dependence upon cars and other modes of fossil fuel burning vehicles is also one of the major causes of global warming. It is important to know that acid rain and detrimental climate changes will ultimately lead to a decrease in crop production, as the land becomes incapable of supporting plant life, and summer temperatures skyrocket. Fossil fuel is one of the leading causes of global warming.


Top causes of global warming-power plants

In the USA, power plants emit more than half of the greenhouse gases causing environmental damage, as they are reliant upon either coal or gas to keep up with the public’s demand for electricity. To stop this one of the main causes of global warming, government should take necessary steps. Using environmental friendly technology can help stop the causes of global warming.


Top causes of global warming-cars and airplanes

Greenhouse gases from vehicles are increasing at an alarming rate, more than any other source.  Most cars use oil as a source of energy, which emits gasses and create the earth warm. Diesel engines are seriously creating such a problem. They are responsible for nearly thirty percent of emissions in the u.s.  Unless the majority of the population makes these changes, greenhouse gas emissions will continue to climb. Therefore, it would be difficult to stop the causes of global warming. We all should go for green sources of energy in order to save our earth and prevent this one of the main causes of global warming!

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